GRIP money bands | Minimalist wallet
GRIP money band | Cash Holder Strap
Dark blue GRIP money band
Dark red card holder | GRIP money bands
White color Currency band | Minimalist wallet
Yellow color Money Band | GRIP Money Band
Light blue Money Band | Cash & Card Holder
Orange color Money band | Silicon Money band
Green color Currency strap | Silicon money band
GRIP money band for cash and cards
Grey color money band for cash and cards
Purple Color Money band for cash

GRIP ® Money Bands

Regular price $19.99
Keep your CASH & CARDS secure with an ultra-thin GRIP MONEY BAND.
We guarantee our bands for LIFE. If your band ever breaks, we will replace it for FREE!

Ditch your BULKY wallet ... GET A GRIP!



Easily access credit cards, ID, and other cards without removing band. NOTE: Band completely covers credit card numbers for added security.


Soft enough to easily stretch, yet tight enough to securely hold a wide variety of cash and card thicknesses.

High Quality.

Scientifically calibrated silicone material will not scratch your phone while in your pocket and unlike rubber, will not break down over time. Silicone material also grips the inside of your pocket for added security. If your band ever breaks, we will replace it for FREE!

Extra Storage.

Tuck cash, receipts, pirate maps, or other items behind your band.


If you are not 100% happy with any of our products, we will either refund your money or exchange for FREE, no questions asked.