Q: Can the bands be cleaned?

A: Yes! Bands can easily be cleaned with soap and water.


Q: How long will bands last?

A: Bands are made with high quality silicone. We guarantee our bands will not break in your lifetime. If they do, we will replace for FREE!


Q: Can bands hold business cards?

A: Yes, however, we recommend you have at least one credit card with the business cards, otherwise they may bend.


Q: Can the bands hold one (1) credit card and one (1) licence?

A: Yes, however, we recommend having at least two (2) credit cards because a license will not be strong enough on it's own. (So if you take a card out to pay for something, there should always be at least one credit card with the license to maintain rigidity.)


Q: Why are bands better than a money clip?

A: Great question! First of all, unlike money clips, GRIP Money Bands will not scratch your phone, will grip the inside of your pocket for added security, and have a much thinner profile. Also, because bands hold cards from both sides instead of pinching one point in the middle, your cash and cards will be much more secure. Not to mention, GRIP bands are about 1/3 the cost of a money clip.


Q: Why are bands better than a wallet?

A: There are a lot of reasons why our bands give you more options and freedom than a traditional wallet. Here are a few reasons: 1) takes up less pocket space 2) lighter weight 3) ability to get wet

But just because you buy our bands, this does not mean you need to give up your other wallet. GRIP bands gives you the option to only take a few cards while you are doing something active, going to the bar/club, wearing a tight fitting tuxedo, etc. You can always go back to your "normal" wallet.


Q: How have I lived without GRIP Money Bands?

A: Great question, we don't know.